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Talks and Seminars

Current favorites are:

Why Women Don't Ask
Find out the reasons why many women don't get what they want, and how you can in three steps.

Networking in a Nutshell
Becoming a People Magnet – Five easy secrets to networking success

How I Found Dignity in a Bean Burrito
Learn how accepting change and diversity today can double your bottom line tomorrow.

The Power of Language
Better Communication for a Better Bottom Line

Presenting With Ease
Six easy steps for executives—jumpstart your presentation skills!

Customer Service

  • Restaurants:
    "Fine" is not fine.
  • Retail:
    "Good enough" isn't.

Customer Relations
Connect Emotionally with Your Customers and Keep Them for Life

Your Mouth is the Best Medicine
Improving Communication with Your Doctor



Business Briefs/Seminars
Hourly, ½ Day, Full Day

Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinner Speaker

General Conference Sessions/Breakout Sessions

Private Coaching
Presentations, Image, Confidence Building

Customer/Employee Relations

Let Tamara J emcee your event

For additional information about these and other programs, please contact us. We are easy to work with, and will strive to stay within your budget.


"I would recommend Ms. Hufford-Wong to be a featured speaker for any association or organization. Since she has a background in customer service she has a thorough knowledge of how poor service affects the customer and threatens the success of a business."
Rebecca Rodriguez
Oregon Chapter President
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