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Just Wave Hello Campaign

Why do we need The Just Wave Hello Campaign

I surveyed 100 people, and more than 80% said it made them feel happy when someone waved to them or said “Hello"

It’s time we realize how much we matter to each other—even with the simplest gesture. Through the simple action of waving hello, we start to see each other in a new light. We acknowledge each other, becoming aware of someone other than our self. It shouldn’t take tragedies for us to ‘wake up’ and show compassion to each other.

(Original Video recorded May 26, 2012)

Twality Middle School students pay tribute to Newtown victims

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Twality Middle School students reach out to
Sandy Hook community with art

By Nokes Communications

“No child should have to be afraid to go to school,” said Sienna Symonds, eighth grader at Twality Middle School. Also pictured is Tamara Hufford-Wong.

TIGARD, Ore. Twality Middle School art students are using their creations to help the healing in Newton, Conn., following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Jeannine Miller's classes of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are crafting batik, quilted wall hangings. Students each painted a square of fish or flowers, which will be stitched together for the quilts.When completed, they will be sent to the Healing Newton organization managed by the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission.

“I hope it shows people that we do care and we're doing everything we can to rebuild community back there,” said Sienna Symonds, eighth grader at Twality Middle School. “No child should have to be afraid to go to school.”

Twality Middle School teacher Jeannine Miller assembles the student-made squares for the quilt. Credit: Deston Nokes

After seeing the horrible news about the Sandy Hook shooting on television last December, communications consultant Tamara Hufford-Wong wanted to find some way to reach out to the Newton, Conn., community.

She created Art for the Families, which recruited art class students at Twality Middle School in Tigard, Ore., to create art for Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“The idea of creating Art for the Families came to me the day after the shooting,” said Hufford-Wong. “I was feelinghelpless and upset, and I thought they could express their support for the school through art.”

She phoned Twality Middle School principal Rick Patrick, who put her in contact with art teacher, Jeannine Miller. Her students were just getting ready to go for Christmas break, so the classes began working on the project immediately after New Year's.

“The kids are so excited to be helping in any way they can, and I'm thrilled to be helping folks through art and communication, which is my goal,” said Hufford-Wong. “I'm on a personal mission to bring back manners, kindness and respect. My goal is to help folks understand that we matter to each other.

“It shouldn't take a tragedy for us to show compassion to one another.”

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