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Souls Racing to Heaven

Souls racing to Heaven
I see them all go by
I try to reach and touch them
But I can’t and I hear them cry

They cry for Mommy and Daddy
For Sissie and Brother too
They cry for their Aunt Judy
Their dog and their cousin Sue

I see the tears in their eyes
They move along too fast
I race, but I can’t reach them
They smile and then they pass

Slow down and let me touch you
One more quick smile and then a hug
Don’t let me in the ground now
It’s there, but it’s not dug

I don’t want to say "Goodbye" yet
I want to say "Hello"
I’m looking down from Heaven
And your hearts are all aglow

I find I’m walking in now
To God’s house
And now his land
Don’t worry Mommy and Daddy
Because now he takes my hand

I feel the sadness leaving
I see some of my friends

The sun is always shining
It’s warm, even at night
The lightening bugs are flying
And they’re never out of sight

I see Grandpa swimming
Past the grass, down by the pond
I see you all are smiling
I’m here now
I’m not gone

© 2012 Tamara J. Hufford-Wong
Souls Racing to Heaven

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